Life Below Zero

  • Alaskans must look inward if they are to adapt, survive, and cement their legacies in the unforgiving Arctic. Sue Aikens must contend with new threats, as predator behavior continues to shift in the tundra. Multiple grizzly bears have been circling camp, and Sue must do everything in her power to monitor their movements and ensure her safety. The Hailstone family is faced with the growing uncertainty of the once-abundant Arctic Northwest. Now more than ever, they must rely on one another to secure the resources needed to keep their Inupiaq culture and family thriving into the next generation. But erratic weather conditions may thwart their plans, and the family must brace for the storms to come. Jessie Holmes expands his camp in Brushkana, adding critical structures and equipment to his subsistence repertoire. As Andy Bassich grows older, he and his partner, Denise Becker, have placed an increased emphasis on Denise learning the skills she’ll need to survive on her own. As winter rages on, Denise will embark on several solo missions to secure vital resources, and with their survival on the line, she will look to establish herself as a provider. For Ricko DeWilde, passing down Athabaskan way of life to his children is critical to the survival of his family, and culture. This season, Ricko will take more of a hands-off approach with his eldest son, Skyler, and eldest daughter, Simone, as they embark on critical hunts at crucial times of the year.


    Media Contacts:

    Fowzia Iranpur,

    Kate Squier,

  • Category :  Returning Series
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