National Geographic has been igniting the explorer in all of us for over 130 years through groundbreaking storytelling from scientists, explorers, photographers and filmmakers around the world. Hear firsthand from renowned explorers who go to the ends of the earth, despite the risks, to deliver powerful stories that fuel our curiosity and ignite the explorer in all of us. Joining the panel is National Geographic Explorer and adventurer Albert Lin to talk about how he combines adventure, science and archaeology for his new limited series Lost Cities With Albert Lin, to bring the mysteries of the past to life; conservationist, biologist and National Geographic photographer Ronan Donovan to discuss his emotional journey to the Canadian Arctic Archipelago to become accepted by a wolf pack for his three-part series Kingdom of the White Wolf; National Geographic photographer Renan Ozturk, who has just returned from one of the most dangerous and volatile places in the world — Mount Everest — to discuss the deadly conditions that overcrowding there is causing, as revealed in his upcoming special Everest: The Greatest Mystery; Kimberly Jeffries is a professional diver and photographer who regularly leads and photographs marine wildlife expeditions in remote locations. Jeffries will share her once-in-a lifetime experience capturing the largest great white shark ever caught on film, Deep Blue. Her encounter with one of the most elusive sharks in history is nothing short of a miracle and is featured in the documentary, World’s Biggest Great White? and National Geographic photographer Ami Vitale discusses her involvement in the documentary companion to the upcoming National Geographic book Women: The National Geographic Image Collection, which features revelatory new interviews, powerful photographs from National Geographic’s incomparable archives, and portraits of trailblazing women who fearlessly push boundaries and inspire the next generation of change makers. The Explorers will recount their personal experiences and how their incredible inside access, cutting-edge technology and sheer determination shape their accounts into bold specials and series that capture the heart of exploration.
    Potential Panelists:
    Albert Lin, National Geographic Explorer, Lost Cities With Albert Lin
    Ronan Donovan, National Geographic Explorer & Photographer, Kingdom of the White Wolf
    Renan Ozturk, National Geographic Photographer, Everest: The Greatest Mystery
    Ami Vitale, National Geographic Photographer, Women of Impact
    Kimberly Jeffries, Photographer & Diver, World’s Biggest Great White?
    For Lin and Ozturk:
    Molly Mulrain,, 202-912-6745
    Stephanie Silva,, 212-456-5788

    For Donovan:
    Caitlin Holbrook,, 716-225-0502

    For Vitale:
    Jennifer Driscoll,, 212-456-5731

    For Jeffries:
    Kate Schroeder,, 240-477-9873

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