World War II Programming


    Format: New One-hour Special 

    Premiere: May 21, at 8/7c

    WWII IN EUROPE: VOICES FROM THE FRONT, narrated by ABC News’ Bob Woodruff, offers viewers a chance to hear from some of the last remaining voices of a war that forever changed the world. Giving attention to a full range of those who experienced the war in Europe – including the Allied Powers, the Axis Power of Germany, the one-hour special uniquely presents vivid memories from more than three quarters of a century ago. Told using rarely seen archival footage and photographs, WWII IN EUROPE: VOICES FROM THE FRONT captures the exact moment of jubilation and remembrance when people around the world learned that the European chapter of the second world war had drawn to an end. From New York’s famed Times Square to London’s Piccadilly Circus to the square of St. Petersburg, the special captures how that moment represented different meanings to all who were involved. 



    Format: New Two-hour Special

    Premiere: May 21, at 9/8c

    It is the end of 1941; World War II has been raging for more than two years with no end in sight, and the Nazi Reich stands at the pinnacle of power. But after the shocking attack on Pearl Harbor, the legendary Eighth Air Force of the United States are called into action in a brutal air war over Europe. Integrating more than 1,000 hours of rare archival footage and photos and the airmen’s own words, HEROES OF THE SKY: THE MIGHTY EIGHTH AIR FORCE takes viewers back to the pivotal moments when the Mighty Eighth seismically shifted the Allies fate in World War II. The two-hour film tells the true, full story of a brave regiment who fearlessly piloted the planes that destroyed Hitler’s menacing air force.



    Tahli Kouperstein, 240-401-9674,

    Jennifer Driscoll, 614-595-9604,



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