Lost on Everest & Expedition Everest


    Format: New One-hour Special

    Premiere: June 30, at 9/8c

    Series Description:

    LOST ON EVEREST shines a light on one of exploration’s most perplexing mysteries: What happened to the great explorers Andrew “Sandy” Irvine and George Leigh Mallory, who set out on June 8, 1924, to attempt the first true summit of Mount Everest? At just 800 vertical feet from the summit, the men were swallowed by a storm cloud and never seen again. Although Mallory’s body was recovered 75 years later at 27,000 feet, the location of Irvine’s remains is still unknown. An incredible team of professional climbers, filmmakers and Irvine experts — boasting an impressive 100 combined years of experience on Mount Everest — is led by journalist, climber and adventurer Mark Synnott and National Geographic Photographer, climber and mountaineer Renan Ozturk in an attempt to discover whether Irvine and Mallory successfully conquered the world’s tallest mountain, a feat that, if accomplished, would rewrite history. Although the special’s ultimate goal was to locate Irvine’s body and his unrecovered camera, hurricane-force winds, freezing temperatures and an overcrowded summit forced the expedition team to unwittingly also fight for their lives. LOST ON EVEREST features never-before-seen breathtaking images captured from high-altitude drones and combines alpinism, archaeology and cinematic storytelling to try to solve one of exploration’s greatest mysteries.


    Format: New One-hour Special

    Premiere: June 30, at 10/9c

    Series Description: EXPEDITION EVEREST follows a team of international scientists, climbers and storytellers to the top of the world’s highest peak to conduct the most comprehensive single scientific expedition in Mount Everest history. As part of the National Geographic and Rolex Perpetual Planet partnership, the one-hour special, narrated by Tate Donovan, captures trailblazing climate research that is critical to understanding environmental changes. This endeavor includes a herculean climb to the “death zone” at 26,000 ft. to install the world’s highest-operating weather stations; the collection of the world’s tallest ice core; and completion of the highest-elevation helicopter-based lidar scan. The groundbreaking mission captures the drama the dedicated elite expedition team faced and reveals the high stakes and motivations of those who risk their lives to discover the secrets Everest holds.

    Publicist: Jennifer Driscoll, 614-595-9604, jennifer.driscoll@natgeo.com

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