*Breaking Bobby Bones

  • Storytelling through the eyes of the underdogs. 

    Come along with Bobby Bones as he brings his signature humor and charm to National Geographic in his new series Breaking Bobby Bones. In each episode, Bobby pursues his own mantra -- Fight. Grind. Repeat. -- by traveling to far-flung destinations across the country. Upon arrival, he meets local everyday heroes who challenge him to conquer (or at least attempt) the tricks of their trades while exploring how triumphing over tragedy made these heroes who they are today. It’s an action-packed celebration of Americans who work hard, play hard, and above all, take pride in everything they do. Bobby will detail his journey stepping outside of his comfort zone as he and the panelists speak to the importance of resilience, persistence and the power of surmounting the odds..


    Bobby Bones, host (host of The Bobby Bones Show, winner on Dancing with the Stars, mentor on American Idol)

    Janeshia Adams-Ginyard, actress & stuntwoman

    Lonnie Bedwell, adaptive adventurist, motivational speaker, and blind kayaker of the Colorado River

    Mike Duran, Rope Access level 3 technician and instructor, Abseilon

    Travis Shakespeare, executive producer, BBC Studios Los Angeles


    Fowzia Iranpur, 562-900-0632, fowzia.iranpur@natgeo.com

    Jennifer Driscoll, 614-595-9604, jennifer.driscoll@jbdpr.com

  • Category :  New / Unscripted Series
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