**9/11: One Day in America

  • Storytelling through the eyes of heroes…

    To commemorate the 20th anniversary of 9/11, Emmy® Award-winning 72 Films ("Inside North Korea's Dynasty") and Oscar®-winning executive producers Dan Lindsay and T.J. Martin ("Undefeated" and "LA 92") have come together to produce the landmark documentary series 9/11: ONE DAY IN AMERICA. Made in official collaboration with the 9/11 Memorial & Museum, the six-part series offers an in-depth and visceral account of Sept. 11 using archive and first-person testimony from first responders and survivors who have now had almost two decades to reflect on the events they lived through. The result is one of the most powerful, immersive and emotionally charged accounts ever produced about that fateful day.   


    T.J. Martin, executive producer

    Dan Lindsay, executive producer

    Caroline Marsden, series producer, 72 Films

    Joseph Pfeifer, contributor and former assistant chief of the New York City Fire Department 

    Jason Thomas, former Marine who searched for survivors

    Heather Penney, Fighter Pilot sent on mission to intercept fourth plane 

    Ron DiFrancesco, last known person to escape the south tower


    Jennifer Driscoll, 614-595-9604, jennifer.driscoll@jbdpr.com

    Nadia Aziz, 202 704 6727, nadia.aziz@natgeo.com

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