In The Womb: Animal Babies

  • Four animal mothers and their unborn babies are at the very heart of this series: Maya, the lion, and her cub, Kasuba; Swift, the meerkat, and her kit, Princess; Bisa, the elephant, and her calf, Tamu; and Brumby, the cattle-dog, and her pup, Daisy. We follow these extraordinary animals as they battle hunger, predators and even raging rivers, doing everything they can to keep their babies safe. At every step of their momentous journey, we go inside the womb to discover how each animal baby is surviving and thriving. As we reach the momentous "birth"-day for these four mums, we’re with them every second of the way. Brumby has a human midwife on hand to help, but Maya is alone, threatened by hyenas. Swift’s whole family pitch in, and while Bisa has her friends around her, it’s 48 hours of extreme endurance for her and her calf.


    Media Contacts:

    Nadia Aziz,

    Kate Schroeder,

  • Category :  New Specials
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